A Love Letter to Paris: Montmartre

This love letter to Montmartre is full of ideas for local experiences (a picnic at the Sacre-Coeur, anyone?).

I first fell in love with Montmartre on the big screen, thanks to its starring role in Amélie. And like my heroine’s own connection to her neighborhood, it’s the first place I started to feel at home in Paris. When I visited a shared apartment in Montmartre which came with all the basics as well […]

5 Rules You Should Be Following in Paris to Eat like a Local

Our final tip for eating like a local in Paris: savor every moment around the table in good company!

In a culture that revolves around food, the French have not only perfected the art of cooking, but the art of dining as well.  And in a country also deeply in love with rules, naturally these two elements of French culture—dining and rules—make perfect bedfellows.  Whether you’re coming to France for the first time or […]

10 Ways to Know You’re Completely Obsessed with Paris

La Cave de Belleville is one of the best Belleville restaurants for wine (and cheese) lovers.

As the saying goes, “though you may leave Paris, Paris never really leaves you.” After seeing “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain” more times than you’d like to admit, and dreaming of buttery croissants, cheese and wine, you’ve finally made it to Paris. It’s got your heart and you keep coming back.  But each time you […]

Our Favorite Paris Restaurants by Neighborhood: Oberkampf

Astier is one of our favorite Oberkampf restaurants for a classic Parisian bistrot experience.

The Oberkampf neighborhood seamlessly blends the best of classic and contemporary French cuisines. This hip quartier takes its rather un-French name after German-born Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf, the royal manufacturer of Louis XVI and the inventor of the toile de Jouy fabric. Once a humble working-class district, Oberkampf is now one of the liveliest areas in Paris, […]

Paris Then & Now: Rue Mouffetard

Produce stand on Rue Mouffetard

To wander through rue Mouffetard is to walk through Parisian history. One thing is certain: there is no shortage of beautiful streets in Paris. But one tiny street stands out among the rest: rue Mouffetard. As the oldest street in Paris, it exudes unparalleled charm and personality. If you’d like to experience the authentic Parisian […]

10 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Paris

One of our top Paris travel tips is to take the metro without paying too much for it.

Paris, like any other city, has a mode d’emploi—a sort of unwritten user manual for making the most of it.  If you don’t know the basics, it can be as frustrating as trying to put IKEA furniture together without the instructions. And nobody likes sticking out as a tourist, especially in an impossibly chic city […]

8 Tips and Tricks You Need to Beat the Lines in Paris

Skip the line at Paris' most regal residence by seeing a concert or the opera at Versailles.

For many visitors, Paris is a once-in-a-lifetime experience—and who wants to spend it waiting in line? Paris Pass is one way to skip the line, but it’s a hefty investment and unless you’re a really high-octane sightseer, you probably won’t get value out of it. The Paris Museum Pass, on the other hand, might be […]

3 Gluten-Free Croissants in Paris So Good You Won’t Believe It

Pastry in Paris is a delicious local tradition.

You don’t need gluten in your diet to enjoy some of the best baked goods Paris has to offer. Parisian bakeries excel in gluten-free baking. You’ll have no trouble getting hold of gluten-free versions of any French pastry you can dream of, except for one: the croissant.  Making this quintessential French viennoiserie without gluten is […]