Where to Find the Best Hot Chocolate in Paris

African hot chocolate at Angelina, Paris

France may not be as well-known as Belgium or Switzerland for its chocolate, but this country actually has a rich tradition in all things cacao… especially chocolat chaud.  Here are our four favorite spots to indulge in the best hot chocolate in Paris. Photo Credit: La Chocolaterie Cyril Lignac, Text Overlay: Devour Paris Food Tours […]

What We Would Eat in Paris If We Had Only One Day

Step 1 of figuring out what to eat in Paris: you can never go wrong with pastries.

Wondering what to eat in Paris? With a plethora of choices, it can be overwhelming.  However, France’s reputation for gastronomic excellence makes dining out a true delight. Mapping out what to eat in Paris will take you to some of the best neighborhoods in the city. From traditional French fare to North African-inspired cuisine, Paris […]

Our Favorite Paris Restaurants by Neighborhood: Canal Saint-Martin

Liangpi noodles from Shaanxi province, China

The area around the Canal Saint-Martin is eclectic, hip and cosmopolitan. It’s not the kind of place you’re going to find ultra-traditional French food, but you’ll find some fantastic Chinese, Thai, African and fusion cuisine—plus some seriously good beer and coffee. As a bonus, many of our favorite Canal Saint-Martin restaurants let you dine right […]

Hidden Paris: La Fontaine de Belleville

A table setting at la Fontaine de Belleville

In the capital of café culture, good coffee is surprisingly hard to find. But La Fontaine de Belleville stands out thanks to its roaster ties. When you think of best Parisian cafes, what do you picture?  Perhaps a corner spot with small round tables and wicker chairs facing the street. Or maybe friends chatting over […]

5 Rules You Should Be Following in Paris to Eat like a Local

Our final tip for eating like a local in Paris: savor every moment around the table in good company!

In a culture that revolves around food, the French have not only perfected the art of cooking, but the art of dining as well.  And in a country also deeply in love with rules, naturally these two elements of French culture—dining and rules—make perfect bedfellows.  Whether you’re coming to France for the first time or […]

The Complete Vegetarian Guide to Paris

When it comes to vegetarian restaurants in Paris, Chambre Noire does a romesco like no other.

Following a vegetarian diet can be tricky in the city of charcuterie and canard, but it is possible. Vegetarianism hasn’t quite reached Paris in the same way as it has the rest of the world. But lately, the gastronomic pride for charcuterie and beef bourguignon is starting to feel threatened. Well, maybe.  Although many traditional […]

Our Favorite Paris Restaurants by Neighborhood: Bastille

The best baguettes in Paris taste even better when enjoyed at an idyllic Parisian cafe with a cup of coffee.

Over the years, Bastille has transformed from a humble artisanal hub to a verifiable gastronomic wonderland. The area around the Bastille was once where people made things—every commerce was a cabinet maker, a carpet weaver, or a ceramicist. It was the artisanal crafts quarter of the city, full of skilled workers turning out beautiful objects.  […]

The 7 Best Places for Coffee in Paris + Essential Coffee Vocab

One of our favorite Saint-Germain-des-Prés restaurants is actually a cafe serving excellent coffee and pastries.

In Paris, cafe culture runs deep.  Coffee culture, well—as others have reported, it’s still developing.  For many years, the only available coffee options in Paris were very average, at best. This is for a number of reasons, among them strict regulations for opening new cafes, France’s history of colonialism, and general lack of innovation in […]

How to Order Coffee in French Like You Know What You’re Doing

Not sure how to order coffee in French? A tip: refer to how "tight," or "serré," you want your coffee, not how "strong."

It seems like an easy task: ordering a coffee. But as with many things in France, there’s a right and a wrong way.  French coffee culture is guided by a number of spoken and unspoken rules. There’s the somewhat confusing nomenclature, unique coffee shop dynamics and a strong tendency toward over-caffeination.  As a visitor to […]