7 Types of French Cheese You Have to Try in Paris

Valençay cheese

Former French President Charles de Gaulle is famous for having declared that it was impossible to govern a country with 246 kinds of cheese… and these days, France is home to far more than that!  It can seem a bit overwhelming to know where to begin, so to help you get started, here are the […]

A Love Letter to Paris

In her beautifully written love letter to Paris, Jess shows us how her feelings about the French capital went from ambivalent to enamored (hint: it involved a lot of French food).

This post is part of our Love Letter series: first-person accounts of what we love about Paris. An introduction from Lauren, the founder of Devour Tours: On my first visit to Paris, I was enthralled with the architecture, the food culture, the Parisians themselves… I fell head over heels and wanted to learn more. And […]

The 7 Local Foods You Have to Try in Paris

One of the most comforting options on this list of famous food in Paris: French onion soup.

You could climb up the Eiffel Tower, stroll down the Champs-Elysées and spend the entire day getting lost among paintings in the Louvre, but if you don’t eat out in Paris, you’ll have missed out entirely. Food is an integral part of French culture. So much so, in fact, that UNESCO declared the French way […]