5 Places to Eat in Paris on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

L'Alsace restaurants in Paris

From luxurious meals fit for royalty to grabbing a falafel and walking the crowded streets of Le Marais, there are a number of ways to have a pleasing culinary experience in Paris on Christmas and Christmas Eve. We’ve already told you where you can go to experience the best holiday markets the French capital has […]

5 Cheap Eats in Paris That Are Perfect for Any Budget

If you're looking for cheap food in Paris, you can't go wrong with a burger from Roomies.

Paris is more than just macarons and meringues, or coffee and croissants.  It is the umami of Asian cuisine, the waft of Middle-Eastern scents, the warmth of African soul food, the comfort of American classics, the proud traditions of Italian cooking, the spicy trails of Indian curries—and of course, those beloved French classics, too. The […]

5 Best Kosher Restaurants in Paris You Don’t Want to Miss

Strobi, one of the best Batignolles restaurants, serves up classic French bistro fare at its best.

With a Jewish population of almost half a million, Paris has no shortage of great kosher restaurants. The choice can be overwhelming: traditional French, Middle Eastern and Israeli cuisines are all fighting for attention. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading for the best kosher eats in Paris. For the uninitiated, kosher restaurants don’t […]

7 Street Food Bites in Paris and Where You Have to Try Them

Crepes are one of the most popular and emblematic Paris street foods.

In Paris, life has long revolved around cafe culture. Lunchtime in Paris evokes the idea of relaxing with a three course meal and a glass of wine on a sunny terrace, not a sandwich quickly gulped down between meetings. But indeed as Paris has changed, with a new entrepreneurial environment drawing international crowds, waves of […]